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  PC Globe Freeware 3-D Globes,
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Google Earth - NASA World Wind
    more info on both features over 3,500 maps, including travel maps, folded maps, wall maps, atlases, globes, and even digital maps for web and desktop publishing. They also carry travel guides and luggage. If you need a map, has it.

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  Interactive Satellite Photos,
    Aerial Photos, & City Street Maps

Google Maps allows you to search for interactive satellite photos or street maps (of many cities), or a hybrid of both.

    To get the widest possible view, press F11 to full-screen your browser window.

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Map Videos, YouTube Videos & Live Streaming Video     ▼ LOAD LIVE TV
NASA  |  ISS  |  Earth Russia  Japan   Air   Radar's YouTube channel features documentary, educational & training
films which have been improved with both audio and video noise reduction.
Rand McNally Travel Store offers road maps and road atlases, wall maps, globes, and world atlases, GPS electronics and software, National Parks passes, luggage and other travel necessities including games and activities, and a variety of gifts.

    Interactive US Maps

US Geological Survey (USGS):
National Map Viewer
National Geologic Map Database

    Printable Maps of Canada

The NRC Atlas of Canada has free downloadable Reference Maps and Map Archives (1906-1995).

Natural Resources Canada:
Toporama free online topo maps
Canadian Geo Name Server
Geography Network Canada

    Maps of the United Kingdom

UK Ordnance Survey: Get-a-Map

    Maps of Australia & New Zealand

Australia Highway Maps
Geoscience Australia Free Data
New Zealand Topo -

Yahoo! Maps (broadband version), similar to Google Maps, allows you to search for interactive satellite photos (from i-Cubed) of many cities, or street maps, or a hybrid of both. The satellite images are usually not as detailed as Google's satellite photos. To get the widest possible view, press F11 to full-screen your browser window. Yahoo! Maps for dialup modems

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  Driving Directions (USA & Canada)

optional: find driving directions in the US or Canada from the location above to:  

  European: Driving Directions in Europe

Via Michelin - MapQuest

Microsoft Bing Maps, similar to Google Maps, allows you to search for interactive aerial photos of cities and areas worldwide, or street maps, or a hybrid of both. The aerial images are usually not as detailed as Google's satellite photos. To get the widest possible view, press F11 to full-screen your browser window.

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NASA's Visible Earth is "a consistently updated, central point of access to the superset of NASA's Earth science-related images, animations, and data visualizations. These images are considered to be public domain and, as such, are freely available to the interested public-at-large, the media, scientists, and educators for re-use and/or re-publication." The results include images from the Terra & Aqua earth observation satellites, and more, at last count totaling 32,120 images, over 45 gigabytes in volume.

find satellite images of:

Flash Earth is an experimental, but functional, browser app that displays satellite/aerial images from your choice of Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps,, OpenLayers, and NASA Terra.

TerraFly provides animated "flying" over USGS aerial photos.

  World City Street Maps

World: MapQuest - Europe: Via Michelin
Australia: Street Directory - Hong Kong: YPMap

National Geographic Store sells maps and globes, plus DVDs of their fine documentary programs, CD-ROMS, books, magazines, photography gear, VHS videos, travel products, science tools, home decor, and toys and gifts for all ages.

  Non-Interactive Printable Maps

United Nations Dept. of Cartography provides maps of many (not all) nations in .pdf format, over 100 maps in all. Select the map you need below; it will load in a new window.

USGS Printable Maps of the US can be downloaded free in .pdf or .gif formats, and include a Landsat satellite photo composite (6.32 MB .pdf), political maps including simple state maps, and more.

The CIA World Factbook provides 15 good maps of the world and world regions, in both .pdf and .html format. All are public domain.

The Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at the U. of Texas, Austin, has over 2400 Public Domain Maps including political, physical, topographical, economic, relief, and historical maps (all public domain), and the number is still growing.

Weller Cartographic (MapMatrix) offers good, free .pdf maps of Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Tokyo, Beijing, Rio De Janeiro, US states, much of Canada, and other locations. They request a donation if you can afford it.

The NOAA Historical Map & Chart Project is a searchable directory of free, public domain, downloadable historic maps and oceanic charts. The downloads are typically 6 to 8 MB in size.

This Dynamic Planet, from the USGS, is a 3.3 MB 9-page .pdf which include a large color world map of volcanoes, earthquakes, impact craters, and plate tectonics, and explanatory text.

  Interactive Topographic Maps

Microsoft Research Maps (formerly TerraServer) finds USGS topo maps and aerial photos of most places in the United States. There are topo maps, but few photos, of Alaska, and only topo maps of Hawaii. Famous Places List

The US Library of Congress American Memory Map Collections: 1500-2004 include countless classic maps of the US and places around the world, many of which can be downloaded in very high resolutions. The collections are browsable by geographic locations, subjects, creators or titles, and are searchable using the form below:

find : in:

return a maximum of results tips

The National Archives of Japan Digital Archive has historical maps of Japanese provinces.

The David Rumsey Map Collection has over 11,000 maps that are viewable online, primarily rare 18th and 19th century maps of North and South America, plus some of the World, Europe, Asia & Africa.

    World WMS Web Map Servers

NASA Worldview
GLOBE Visualization
OpenLayers free dynamic map embeds

Maps of India
Web Atlas of Sweden
Ukrainian Map Server
Maps of Mexico
Peter Loud's Maps of: Iraq
    Afghanistan - Kashmir
    Yemen & Somalia - Vietnam
    Indonesia - The Philippines
    The Bahamas - Cuba

    Map & Cartography Links

AUS Nat'l Library: Cartographic Links
Physical Environment Atlas:
   Earth systems map links

    Geographic Information Services

Wikipedia: Geographic Info Services
NCSU Libraries GIS Info

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National Geographic's Store has great gift ideas.

  Cartography Tweets

        Google Earth is a free virtual globe, map & satellite photo viewing program (there is a pro version you must pay for) which is similar to but different from NASA's no longer updated World Wind. NASA World Wind had a vastly superior user interface compared to Google Earth. If you think of NASA World Wind as like riding a nice, light road bicycle, then Google Earth is like sitting in a little red wagon and pushing yourself along with a stick. Google Earth does have a useful "go to" feature, which when used is as if someone came along and gave you push in your wagon to the city you want to see--but you have to push with the stick to find what you want when you get there.
    However, Google Earth allows the viewing of closeup images of many world cities which are not available on NASA World Wind, and also displays current TeleAtlas maps of the US and Europe which are not available on World Wind.

No longer updated (except in a Java-Android SDK version for developers writing other applications), World Wind from NASA's Ames Research Center is a freeware (totally free) 3-D virtual globe for your PC, using Landsat satellite imagery, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, and USGS maps & aerial ortho photos (like Topozone & Terraserver). You can zoom the image in to any place on Earth from satellite altitude. You can also view the Earth's moon, Mars, Jupiter, and other planets. World Wind 1.4 is a 16 MB freeware download. screenshots

    To increase your enjoyment of World Wind, you can download the Landsat images and other data as large packages (e.g., Landsat 7 Level 0 is 359 megabytes), so that the data does not have to download (and you don't need to be online) while you are viewing.

    There are also over 200 free add-ons for World Wind, which let you do things like view world maps, good maps and aerial photos of all of France, or maps of South Africa, or track your position as read from your own PC-connected GPS receiver.

    World Wind help:


MrSID = Multi-resolution Seamless Image DB
DOQ = Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles
  DOQQ = Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quad.
MDOQ = Mosaicked DOQ
  GeoTIFF =Geo Tagged-Image File Format
NAIP = National Agriculture Imagery Prog.

Berkeley geography acronyms | geography glossary

  Sources of free US aerial photos (orthophoto imagery)

    "A conventional perspective aerial photograph contains image distortions caused by the tilting of the camera and terrain relief (topography). It does not have a uniform scale. You cannot measure distances on an aerial photograph like you can on a map. An aerial photo is not a map. The effects of tilt and relief are removed from the aerial photograph by a mathematical process called rectification. An orthophoto is a uniform-scale image. Since an orthophoto has a uniform scale, it is possible to measure directly on it like other maps. An orthophoto may serve as a base map onto which other map information may be overlain." --USGS

US National Map gives access to high resolution orthoimagery, mostly with .03 meter resolution.

state-by-state source list adapted from World Wind Central (then updated)
Alabama Air Photo Archive statewide low-res B&W photos from 1942-1970

GeoStor - On-Line Mapping NW Arkansas Orthophotography, Color 2004, GeoTIFF or MrSID,
   Pulaski County DigitalGlobe Orthophotography, 2004, GeoTIFF

Cal-Atlas Geospatial Clearinghouse with Map Surfer
Napa County GIS free reg required, 04/2002 1-foot, color orthophotos, MrSid
Calaveras County ftp:// 2002 2-foot, MrSID, color April & July 2002
Sonoma County free reg req, April & May 2000 1 & 2-foot res, BW, MrSID for entire county

City of Fort Collins 1999 & 2002, 1/2 foot, color, MrSID

UConn MAGIC provides access to Connecticut aerial imagery including online photo-maps from 1934, 1990, 2004, 2006, and 2008.

Delaware Geological Survey Digital Datasets
Delaware Geologic Information Resource (DGIR) - DGIR Map Viewer
State of Delaware 1997 DOQs, 5-meter, JPEG (with ArcView World File)

Department of Environmental Protection DOQQs from 1995, 1999 and 2004
Manatee County GIS 2003 1-foot color, MrSID
Lake County 1941, 1998, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 ftp://

Honolulu and some Oahu coastline MrSID, JPEG

Idaho Geospatial Data 1-2 meter, natural color, MrSID, NAIP, online map viewer

Illinois Geospatial Data Clearinghouse has online photo-maps

Indiana Spatial Data Portal (ISDP) - Indiana Spatial Data - aerial photo viewer

Iowa Geographic Map Server 2004 color, 2-meter, NAIP

Kansas Data Access & Support Center
Sedgwick County, Kansas Geo Info Services 1997 BW GeoTIFF, 2000/2003 MrSID, color

Maine GIS Data Catalog

Office of Geographic Information (MassGIS) - Map Viewer - nautical charts
DNR Maps
Aerial Photography of Minnesota

MARIS - Mississippi Automated Resource Information System - imagery

Missouri Spatial Data Information Service (MSDIS)

Montana State Library NR Info System
City of Missoula 1/2-foot color, MrSID

Nebraska FSA Digital Imagery July-August 2003 US Farm Agency color, 1-meter, JPEG
US Farm Agency July-August 2001, color, 2-meter, JPEG
Lancaster & Lincoln County 2002, color, 0.3-meter, JPEG

New Jersey Graphic Information Network

Bernalillo County
RGIS New Mexico Resource Geographic Information System

Raleigh & Wake County map viewer

ND GIS Downloads

statewide 2003 NAIP, color, MrSID

Corvallis 1999, 2004, 2010, 2012 GeoTIFF, color

Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access

URI Environmental Data Center - MrSID, summer 2003, 1-meter, color

South Dakota Geological Survey Program

Texas General Land Office GIS - Texas Photo-Map Viewer

Utah Automated Geo Ref Ctr 2003 2-meter color MrSID, 2004 1-meter color MrSID, 2006, 2009, 2012

Washington State GIS Data

statewide West Virginia State GIS Tech Ctr, Spring 2003, 2-foot, color, MrSID

  Free Geographic Information Service Software - GIS Freeware

    mapper, good with biodiversity data
Forestry GIS (fGIS)
   GIS viewer-query tool & shapefile editor
   Terrain Visualization & Flyby Animation
   display & merge digital elevation models, satellite pics, scans, GIS data...
   manage & map your GPS info
   NOAA-EPA mapping app for Mac & Windows
Integrated Data Viewer
   Java-based geoscience data viewer
3D Field
   contour surface plotter, 3-D viewer
ER Viewer
   multi-format viewer, pan-zoom large files
   chart viewer for Electronic Navigational Charts in S-57 formats
Open Source GIS
   lists more software
   freeware image viewer & processor

Directory of Geoscience Organizations of the World lists 460 organizations in 169 countries, plus 15 international organizations. From the Geological Survey of Japan.

TIME Magazine, May 23, 1949, p. 63:

THE PRESS: Geography for Everyman
    When Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor took over the National Geographic in 1899, he likes to recall, the circulation was so small (900) that "I could carry the entire issue on my back." Today, says Grosvenor, who share his magazine's passionate addiction to detail, "A single issue would form a pile more than eight miles high, or 79 piles each as tall as the Washington Monument." In its familiar yellow-bordered, arorn-decorated wrapper, this month's issue reached 2,150,000 living rooms, libraries, throne rooms and dentist's offices from Maine to Monaco.

    This week, in recognition of his responsibility for this fine growth, and in tribute to his 50 years of service, the National Geographic Society will present President and Editor Grosvenor with a special medal at a jubilee celebration in Washington's Constitution Hall.

    What Bell Wrought. At 73, Editor Grosvenor is a frail-looking, energetic man with a neat white mustache, a Phi Beta Kappa key and the manner of a Boston Brahmin. Grosvenor was born (with a twin brother now dead) in Constantinople, where his father was a professor at Robert College. Fittingly enough, from his nursery window the future geographer could see two continents.

    Soon after graduating from Amherst College, Gilbert fell in love with Elsie May Bell, daughter of Telephone Inventor Alexander Graham Bell, who was president of the National Geographic Society. When Bell offered Grosvenor a job on the Geographic, he took it (just to be near "Ellie," whom he soon married) and has been there ever since.

    The turn-of-the-century Geographic was a stodgy scientific journal, written with old-fashioned protentousness, and floundering in debt. Grosvenor stuck to the pattern for six years. One day in 1905, a packet of photographs from Tibet landed on his desk. Grosvenor was fascinated by the rugged Tibetan scenery and the Dalai Lama's palace. On an impulse, he spread the pictures across eleven pages. The issue created a sensation: almost by accident, Grosvenor had discovered how to make geography popular.

    What the Lama Brought. In subsequent issues, Editor Grosvenor has stretched his romantic, unscientific definition of geography to cover everything under (and above) the sun. To the Geographic, geography means kites and cats, ostriches and insanity, the Bagdad market and the Berlin airlift, eruptions of volcanoes, bathyspheres and the stratosphere, fishing, fine arts and the sex life of savages. Peripatetic, insatiably curious Gilbert Grosvenor has written 300 articles and taken 200 of the photographs. He was the first U.S. editor to use natural color photographs (a 24-page spread on China and Korea in 1910).

    He has built the National Geographic Society to a reserve fund of $10 million, mostly from the Geographic's tax-free earnings (it is classed as an educational institution). Besides the magazine, the society also publishes books, bulletins and maps, maintains a 20,000-volume library...

    ...Most articles and "legends" (captions) are written by the studious, well-paid editorial staff of 149. Grosvenor sets the tone, which is frequently florid, sometimes quaint, always polite. Says Grosvenor: "We prefer to print only what is of a kindly nature..."

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