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Google is a very good general search engine (PC Magazine Editor's Choice) with it's own index and ranking system.
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search the Web search only uses their own FAST index, which strives to index more web pages more often than any other web index.
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Example: Where can I find auto insurance online? search lists paying customers, who bid for the highest position in the search rankings for certain keywords, first. This can leave out a lot of the useless websites that frequently clutter search results, particulary if you are searching for a commercial site. "paid" Web search--

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411Web People Finder
Find people with the fastest growing on-line phone and address directory. They have yellow pages, too.
SmartPages has yellow pages (biz listings), white pages (people finder), city guides, shopping guides, and more. It pays to shop around, because all online 'phone books' do not have the same content.

Investigative Search
US Search features a people-finding search engine, plus custom investigative search services to check employee backgrounds, criminal records, etc. Price Search
CNET is one of the best price comparison 'bots', particularly for computer goods and consumer electronics. Links
A directory of search engines of all kinds.
Specialized Search Engines
A list of links to hundreds of specialized search engine from Leiden University in the Netherlands.
Beaucoup Search Links
A directory of search engines of all kinds. Search Links
A directory of search engines for specialized databases.
A directory of search engines for specialized databases.
Search Engine Watch
A reknowned site with a guide to search engines, search engine facts, status reports, links, and the Search Engine Report free newsletter.

Search Engine Submissions
This page from QuickWebDev contains information and links to help you submit your web site to most major search engines.
Chinese figure skater Lu Chen.

The Lu Chen -- On The Ice is a section of the "On The Ice" website featuring the smooth moving figure skater who has been the Chinese national champion 7 times, and won 2 Olympic bronze medals.

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